Nearly one million Israelis today are living in bomb shelters

800px-Israel_peace_rally,_London_Jan_11_2009_P I realize the recent week I’ve swayed my focus to Hamas’s escalated attacks against Israel. I promise to return to issues regarding radical Islam and gender apartheid, but please bear with me for the time being. It’s difficult to focus on pretty much anything else.

Many of us have loved ones in Israel. Some of us lean on the right side of politics, some on the left. No matter where we stand, no one is happy to read that there have been sixty seven Arab causalities in Hamas occupied Gaza. No matter where we stand, no one is happy that Hamas has improved its arsenal with missiles able to reach farther into Israel than ever before.

If only the Palestinian Authority didn’t unite with terrorism. If only Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the PA, used the billions of dollars in International Aid to create a community that thrives on creating life, rather than destroying it. If only Hamas and the PA had not poisoned their youth with state sanctioned hate, lies, and distorted history. If only their youth had not been force-fed a Nationalist identity solely based on violent resistance against “evil Zionist” Jews.  If only Hamas used their mosques, underground tunnels, and barracks in Gaza to shelter their civilians rather than shoot misiles sourced from Iran.  Too bad “if only” doesn’t do sh*t.

A colleague’s son has been called to Southern Israel along the Gaza border. She’s a mess. We’re all worried that Israel will have to initiate a ground operation. No one wants this. The Israeli government waited 5 days before launching a defensive operation (5 whole days of peace on Israel’s front, just taking the barrage of rockets from Gaza). Israel stated that “silence will be met with silence.” Yet Hamas continues to violate UN international law by firing missiles deep into Israel, threatening human life and destruction of holy sites of all religions.

It’s a lose lose situation for all parties involved – and no matter what, Israel is made out to be the bad guy. I wish IDF task forces could go in to Gaza, locate each and every innocent civilian that Hamas uses as human shields, grab them and place them in a bunker while we go after the real criminals shooting missiles into Israel – but thats just wishful thinking, isn’t it?  In order to protect our own citizens, we are forced to counter attack. This is the saddening reality of the situation.

For those of you interested in live reporting on the current crisis (in English):

News Updates: 08:53pm Israel – Salvo of rockets hits Ashdod. One person seriously wounded

08:32pm Gaza – Man killed in central Gaza during IAF strike

08:31pm Israel – Man seriously wounded in Eshkol Region by rocket fire from Gaza

07:58pm Israel – Iron Dome shoots down 6 rockets fired from Gaza towards central Israel

07:45pm Israel – Salvo of 50 rockets fired from Gaza toward southern Israel as far as the Dead Sea

07:44pm Israel – Red rocket siren alerts sound out throughout central Israel I24 News Special Edition at

17:00 GMT: Operation Protective Shield enters day 3

Breaking news 2014-07-10 – 07:32pm Israel – Rocket fired from Gaza hits home in Be’er Sheva; 4 reported wounded

06:52pm Israel – Israeli Arabs in northern town of Majd al-Krum clash with police during protest against Gaza invasion

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