It’s Day 5

The war in Gaza has escalated dramatically.  July 8th marks yet another battle for Israel’s right to exist – Operation Protective Edge.  On Monday evening, the Israeli Air Force shelled 50 Hamas terrorist targets and now some 40,000 IDF reservists are being called up for active duty along the Gaza border. The following is part of a series found on  It is a first person account from MC, who lives in Sderot in Southern Israel.

It’s Day 5 by MC

protectiveedge It is just a few short weeks since Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Jewish children and here we are with a major battle raging within a few kilometres of us.

Has anyone notice that Hamas is desperately trying to play the innocent party?

ISIS held a rally in Gaza last month. Its successes appear to have greatly boosted terrorist confidence. The PA is now openly flying a swastika in the West Bank. The BBC has warned people not to believe what appears to come out of Gaza as well.  (YouTube Link: Swastika-flag-300x203

We are hearing almost continuous explosions now, there has been a missile intercepted close to Tel Aviv by Iron Dome… So here we are, and its time to consider what happens after the gold Gaza rush. Is there any option but for Israel to retake Gaza? Not to do so this time is just to shelve the problem for another day. But what will Barry Soetoro do then?



And from The Jerusalem Post:

Iron Dome intercepts rocket over central Israel, sirens sound in Tel Aviv Air raid siren sounds in Gush Dan region for first time amid recent Gaza escalations; Tel Aviv ordered to open public bomb shelters; no injuries.

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted a projectile near Tel Aviv over the city of Rishon Lezion on Tuesday evening, as air raid sirens sounded in central Israeli cities for the first time amid recent escalations. No injuries or damage were reported in the attack, which marked a widening of the range of rocket fire the Gaza Strip. Israeli television showed a double-burst of smoke in skies above Tel Aviv after air raid sirens sounded, sending residents running for shelter. Air raid sirens sounded in all of Gush Dan, including Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Lod and Givatayim. It was the first Gaza rocket that reached Tel Aviv since Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012. Following the attack over central Israel, the Home Front Command instructed the Tel Aviv Municipality to open public bomb shelters in the city. The Home Front Command had earlier instructed Tel Aviv residents to prepare for utilizing protected rooms and shelters in their private homes. Under the same instruction, the division responsible for civil security ordered for bomb shelters in Tel Aviv schools to be opened. The IDF launched Operation Protective Edge in the early hours of Tuesday morning in order to quell the ongoing barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Later in the day, the IDF begun actively calling up 40,000 reserves approved to it by the cabinet. Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza continued to pound southern Israel throughout Tuesday, with some 80 rockets landing in Israeli territory by the evening. Iron Dome made 23 interceptions throughout the day, shooting down projectiles over Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Gaza border communities. Meanwhile, the Israel Air force struck 150 targets in Gaza, and Palestinians reported multiple casualties in a number of the strikes. Some 100 underground rocket launchers and ten attack tunnels were among the targets.


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