Hamas (terrorists in suits) gets away with it. Again.

I’m having trouble sleeping.  Seeing women dressed in full burqas in Los Angeles has left me distraught.  Everyone has the freedom to wear what they want in this country.  I guess if these women want to betray the nine-year-old girls in Yemen forced to marry 45-year-olds, that is their choice.  If they want to cut their daughters’ clitorises off, that is their choice.  If they want to ignore the fact that Hamas imprisons women for having children out of wedlock, that is their choice.  Democracy will protect monsters who bring their twisted ideologies across our borders.

I read what is happening in Israel every day, every hour – and similar feelings of loss and hopelessness overwhelm me.  Jewish blood means nothing, yet Arab blood demands action and repurcussions.  What a mockery in ethics.  Everyone is so quick to use the made up word “Islamophobia” these days… well what about Judeophobia?  What about Settlerphobia?  Nothing has changed.  Medieval Antisemitism has warped into anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism.

Day Three in Sderot
by MC    July 6, 2014

Source: http://gatesofvienna.net/2014/07/day-three-in-sderot/#more-33670


It’s all suddenly gone quiet. The job is done; Hamas is upheld….

In Sderot we have had a day free of rocketry, no doubt due to the return of our Iron Dome (as long as this is not a game of ‘musical domes’ we should be OK now). But there have been twenty or more today up the coast towards Ashkelon and into the Eshkol region.

One cannot help contrasting the various attitudes of the US State Department. A US citizen (a Jewish child ) gets kidnapped and murdered in an obvious terrorist incident, and the State Department is somnolent. An Arab boy is kidnapped and killed in what might be an honour killing (but now looks as if it was not) and the State Department accuses Israel and demands explanations. Then a US citizen is arrested during a riot where petrol bombs and other lethal missiles are thrown or slung at police, and a video produced bearing Pallywood-style hallmarks, and the State Department are demanding yet another explanation.

So who is gullible? You can bet your bottom dollar that it is not John Kerry…

The PA propaganda machine now specializes in the “hit and run” techniques where one stages an incident (with the friendly camera crews conveniently nearby), the inflammatory material is put on the airwaves without delay, and a hostile media are quick to publish.

When said propaganda is exposed as mendacious, the same hostile media hides the retraction on page 9999.

Lies become perceived truth, and Israel and Jews are further demonised. Now the potential lies have State Department backup. Does this make them true? Or does it just further cheapen US politics and politicians?

I will close down this series now until the next time, and there will be a next time because evil has gone unpunished once more. But when the next election comes, this vacillation will be remembered. We will remember that Likud listens more to Kerry than to its electorate. It will also be remembered that the lives of three Jewish children were cheaply thrown away. Never again! What, ‘never’? Well, hardly ever…




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