MTV: The new pussies falling for all the Islamophobia bullshit CAIR force feeds America


Okay, nerd alert – I still watch MTV.  Growing up on the stuff in the 90’s, I can acknowledge it is no longer what it used to be.  Sigh.

But the show “Awkward” has become a guilty pleasure.  Sad to say, a small story line included ushering in new high school freshman – and one happened to involve a Muslim girl wearing a hijab.  This of course predicated the issues of tolerance along the lines of American Christian submission – “Did you know that heaven in Islam is so much better than in Christianity?!” one of the ignorant blonde dimwit characters exclaims.  Give me a break.  I’m sure this line was inserted on CAIR’s (a bunch of Islamist lawyer thugs) suggestion.  Gag me with a spoon – or my hijab tightly wound around my neck.

Anyway.  During the commercial break, they were advertising for another series – “Faking It”.  Never seen it, but a clip showcases a girl in huge headgear – aka hijabi fashion – in the character of a blogging reporter questioning a white “slut” on her scandalous threesome in a most judgmental tone.  Now, I being a white girl, don’t condone high school girls having threesomes, but shit – thank you so much to CAIR for making a hijabi little 16 year old look down on the dumb white slut.  Now that’s what I call slut shaming;  more specifically Muslims slut shaming white girls.  Of course the Muslim is a fully covered cherubic virgin, yet oh so condescending.  I wonder if Allah or the Prophet Mohammed preach on steering clear of leaping to judge others, as found in the Torah and New Testament. “Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place” (2:5) is an ethical principle I am quite fond of.  Unfortunately, MTV has opened the door to CAIR to subconsciously invade approximately 500 million American households.

Great job MTV.  Submission has begun.


MTV Partners With CAIR Despite Islamist Agenda

Sun, May 25, 2014


2 thoughts on “MTV: The new pussies falling for all the Islamophobia bullshit CAIR force feeds America

  1. My friend and I have been discussing personal blogs and online journaling. She feels that personal feelings and such should not expressed in such open forums. I see no problem with it. Share your thoughts:. 1. Do you blog or journal?. 2. Do you prefer face to face expression of feelings over written communication?.

  2. Dude. Chill. The muslim girl on “Faking It” is the head of the school’s tumblr, aka the one getting all the gossip. She’s not being condescending or holier-than-thou. Figure out the context first and then go into a hissy-fit if you still find the need for it.

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