Veil of Ignorance


The new generation of Muslim women being raised in the free world to wear the hijab baffles me.  Thankfully I found a post on Tumblr that gives me hope that there are women out there who aren’t drinking the Kool Aid.  She writes,

Black female slave in 1812 America: “My master cut off my chains and now I can live in his house!”  

White woman in 1940’s America: “My husband didn’t beat me, I fell down the stairs.”  

Brown woman in 2010s America: “My burqa is a sign of freedom!”

I am trying to understand.  Tumblr provides an excellent keyhole for me to peek my eyes into hijab propaganda.  There are an alarmingly high number of profiles dedicated to hijab fashion and “how to be a good Muslim woman.”  Glorifying modesty as a symbol of virtue can create tension in a community if a minority of the populations’ women do not see the veil as freedom.






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