One thought on “Somali Women: Then and Now

  1. Somalia didn’t arrive to this situation on its own and own its faults, thanks to the colonialism of the so-liberated EUROPE including Great-Britain, later Italy. If this was not enough, than came General Said Barre who also received trainings in Italy and strong European support, these facts probably most westerners tend to conventionally forget but WEST & EUROPE under his dictatorship were happily reporting Somalia to be as the model of a democracy in Africa. Then he changed loyalties and joined the SOVIET UNION. No wonder this country and its women suffered to this gravity. but like most Muslim countries were WESTERN hands have played a pivotal role in the backlash for women rights, Somalia too is a perfect example in Africa. When it served WESTERN purposes, they supported Islamists like the General and later the usual we are invading to bring democracy and release the women from hell story of NATO. Not many people will buy this, Muslims are hardly perfect examples of humanitarians but WEST must not forget its own hands either.

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