Katy Perry Caves into Islamic Supremacist demands and other sad news

So Katy Perry has a cheesy new video called “Dark Horse” set in Egypt  “a crazy long time ago” which caused an uproar in the Muslim community because check this out – one of the actors was wearing a pendant which had the word “Allah” in Arabic.  Perry plays Cleopatra and suitors come bearing gifts and one by one, she rejects each turning them into dust.  The pendant disintegrates into dust as well.  So lo and behold, the video has been edited to appease those who protested.  This is a sad day for creative expression. The video is silly and obviously historically inaccurate – but to think that a little pendant which is barely noticeable caused such a stink.  The video showcases a pyramid made of twinkies and a suitor offering Cleopatra hot cheetos!  Can Islamists not take a friggin joke??



In other news, a judge has ordered Google to remove the trailer of the movie “Innocence of Muslims” because one of the actresses complained that she has copyright claim to her 5-second performance.  In case you’ve been in the dark, this was a low brow movie which the Obama Administration blamed for causing the Benghazi attacks (9-11-12) among several other violent protests in the Muslim world.  I call bullshit.  Thankfully so does Google.


Much is at stake here for freedom of speech and creative expression.  Passion of the Christ was terrible and offensive to many people.  But was it censored out of theaters? No.  Was the director, Mel Gibson, thrown in jail like Nakoula Basseley was? No.  Why are the caretakers of American liberties being such p*ssies?

The end of freedom of speech is nigh.  No wonder Islam is one of the most hated religions today.  Muslims, seriously, you need to remove the sticks from out of your asses.

Here is an excerpt from Google’s appeal:

“This Court should enter a short administrative stay to permit Google time to prepare a petition for rehearing en banc. A temporary stay is particularly warranted here because the panel’s order amounts to a dramatic, and highly unusual, intrusion on Google’s First Amendment and due process rights.  It requires Google to remove a film from public display — a classic incursion on the First Amendment — without even telling Google why, and without any opinion explaining the rationale. The panel took this extraordinary step in an order that it placed under seal, making it difficult (to say the least) for Google to explain to the world why it is removing the Film from the public eye. And, last but not least, the Order imposes a restraint on Google that is broader than anything Ms. Garcia has even requested. Ms. Garcia asked only that the five seconds of footage in which she appeared be removed from Google’s websites.”

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