Hate Week Begins on US college campuses

You might be hearing a lot about Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) which is supposed to start today and last till March 2nd in California.  This marks the tenth year the movement has called for boycott, divestment and sanctions from Israel.  For one week organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine, Muslim Student Association and Modern Language Association will be spreading hate speech and fabricating history to demonize Israel.  College students will be exposed to a new kind of Theatre of the Absurd where “peace” activists will be acting out as IDF officers in military uniform & holding fake army rifles while harassing passersby.  Shamefully spinning the painful imagery of the Holocaust into their own suffering, Palestinian victimhood will be exaggerated using every anti-jew myth and conspiracy in the book.


It’s so easy to point the finger at Israel while never having even stepped foot on its soil.  Haifa, where I am studying, has the largest population of Arabs in Israel.  Those who identify themselves as Palestinian (rather than Israeli Arab) attend university and enjoy the same rights I do on a daily basis.  (They actually enjoy more rights than me since I am not an Israeli citizen.)  Hell, they even have the right to protest against the Israeli government on our campus – it happened last year during operation Pillar of Defense.  (http://www.timesofisrael.com/students-at-haifa-hold-silent-vigil-for-jabari/)  Not even Fatah or Hamas allows their own citizens to protest against their respective authority.  The freedoms and civil liberties granted to those living or entering Israel is 100 times better than any of her neighboring countries.

What is so strange about the whole propaganda campaign against Israel is that it pulls in lovers and activists of human rights.  But where are these human rights activists when  Egypt persecutes it’s minority Coptic Christian population?   Syria continues to release chemical weapons on it’s citizens and somehow no one cares.  How about the eight hundred thousand Muslims that have fled their homes in Senegal due to threats from violent mobs – where is their peace flotilla?  There is no genocidal action taking place against the Palestinians.  Deeply misguided, this movement is a hate-fest with the goal of erasing Israel from the map and replacing it with yet another oppressive Islamic dictatorship, Palestine.

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