Norwegian girls now victim to rape, honor violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriages.


Bringing all that is wrong with Islam to the West: Norway, once one of the safest places to live, has experienced a surge in rape incidents. Nine out of ten rape victims are white non-Muslim women who are attacked by Muslim immigrants. The hijab keeps Muslim women safe – because they are “submissive” and “devout” whereas the Norwegian blonde is nothing but a whore deserving of rape.


4 thoughts on “Norwegian girls now victim to rape, honor violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriages.

  1. Horrible and embarrassing. But please educate yourself because hijab wearers are equally recipient of sexual violence, across the world. Ok, 9/10 are migrant women being raped by Muslim men, whats the relation to Norwegian women? weird? What have you to say about the Norwegian and European men who treat migrant women like scum, prostitutes and harass them openly and subtly? Why is respect only to be given to Norwegian white women? I have been to Norway, am not impressed with Norwegian men’s attitudes either.

    • I understand where you are coming from and appreciate your input. “Hijab wearers” as you state are absolutely targets of sexual violence (rape, honor killings, female genital mutilation, and forced marriages) within their own communities in Norway. The point of this specific news report is that countries such as Norway and Sweden are experiencing a drastic increase in rapes. Unfortunately, the facts point to Muslim men being the perpetrators and female Norwegian natives being the victims.

      Regarding your assumption that only Norwegian “white” women are deserving of respect: I am not condoning the disrespect of Muslim women. But I will say that I respect American Muslim women who dare NOT to wear the hijab a whole lot more than those who do. These are couragous women striving to assimilate and separate “mosque” and state. Americans are proud to live in a society where we are more than our religion and our gender. I only wish that hijab wearers looked back to Muslim women of the 1970’s who rebelled against the hijab because it led to the exact violence and inequality you speak of.

  2. Thank you, that’s clears up my queries, its nice to know that within our differences of women we are agreed on one thing, that women must be respected with or without hijab, Muslim or otherwise. You should check out my blog postings on hijab issue ( and let me tell you, I completely understand where you are coming from, all my life being a MUSLIM WOMAN I never wore the hijab, nobody in my family wore it and nobody really gives a shit to those who abruptly started to done it or throw it, 95% of women within my medium family do not wear it and its not because men allow us, this idea is far more set into the western minds that men apply force, at-least in my family no man did it ranging from 4 generations back and till now, its an non-issue. Please stop treating all Muslim women alike because many of us are not conforming to the “stereotypes” the western world has set us for, we are too diverse to be judged upon so called western standards.
    Secondly, I only heard such comments from western colleagues and coworkers, we respect you for not wearing the hijab? How come western people get off saying such crap to me or other Muslim women, did I ask or millions of non wearers asked for your condescension pats? I think no, again a sign of ignorance and white man’s racism which is a trump card for America to drop bombs on Islamic countries to steal their wealth’s and justify with heroic phrases like ” you see, we have to bomb them because we got to save the native poor women from their evil Muslim men.”
    American destroyed far more schools and put millions of girl children out of schools with its fiasco in Afghanistan, Iraq, and also Northern province of Pakistan, so please don’t think the it impresses us to know American limited opinions like rebellion of 1970s, that’s is exactly the time when USA American people keep on justifying going to war in certain Islamic countries. Those Americans who think along these lines to justify the evil doings of their country can continue to live in dreamland, you ain’t selling this inanity to us. American drone strikes destroyed more schools in Pakistan’s north, in comparison to American paid Talibans? WAKE UP CALL please!

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