Saudi Cleric Suggests Baby Girls Wear Burqas To Prevent Rape


It doesn’t stop does it?  Babies are being molested in Saudi Arabia and rather than punish the men who do it, the solution is to make babies wear the hijab.

By Lina Batarags, Sun, February 09, 2014

A Saudi cleric has proposed this solution to molestation of young girls: they should be required to wear burqas.

While no law or practice in Islam requires that baby girls wear burqas, Sheik Abdulla Daoud suggested that covering the babies in burqas would keep them from being raped. Daoud made the controversial comment on TV last year, stating that babies were being molested in Saudi Arabia.

The video recently surfaced on social media, and elicited shocked and indignant response from fellow Saudis.

“Now the baby victims are blamed for men’s crimes. Allah help us stop the ignorance, stupidity,” tweeted Masleeza Othman.

Othman later followed up the original tweet with another condemning those who “abuse, molested and sexually assaulted or harassed the babies, children.”

“They aren’t supposed to even live!!” Othman continued.

Senior Islamic officers have also been highly critical of Daoud’s comments, noting that they “made Islam and Sharia law look bad.”

Daoud’s comment comes as a contrast to online activists’ recent calls for the Saudi kingdom’s rulers to impose harsher punishments on child abusers. Most notably, Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a prominent preacher, received a light sentencing after confessing to raping and beating his 5-year-old daughter to death.

Startlingly, al-Ghamdi is protected by Saudi Arabia’s Islamic law, under which a father cannot be executed for murdering his children or his wife.

Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia plans to launch a 24-hour hotline, specifically for reporting violence against children.


3 thoughts on “Saudi Cleric Suggests Baby Girls Wear Burqas To Prevent Rape

  1. Saudia Arabia should make obligatory hijab for the male population and enforce bad eye sight, what they cant see won’t probably entice them anyways, honestly, what a load of garbage !!!!

    • In a recent article I posted, “HIJAB: A WOMAN’S RITE OF PASSAGE IN IRAN,” Tahereh has a similar response to you. When asked to comment on sexual harassment and groping taxi drivers she responds, “If I’m in a situation when a man is making me feel uncomfortable because of the way I’m dressed, I’m not thinking ‘if only I had a chador. I’m thinking, ‘if only his eye sockets were empty.’” Islamic law should command the removal of these molesters eyes. Now that’s a form of punishment I can support.

  2. Well, living in stifling cultures makes Muslim women strong enough to have hardcore opinions as compared to what white folks think sitting in their liberated countries, do you know of the work done within Iran, Pakistan in terms of using Islam, yes religion Islam to set up womens- religious informal courts (the men are scared of them truly) but these groups of female lawyers, judges have used Islam and the rights within Islam to assist women rights cases. The west fails to understand time and again, that Islam has progressive areas and most women and human rights groups are already mobilizing and using them for the fight against the male patriarchy and distorted version of Sharia. We don’t reject Islam because we are aware how we can even radicalize women’s status by seeking assistance from Islam.
    The west will continue to worry about a piece of cloth, hijab and how to get Muslim women naked like inane protests and campaigns of FEMEN and other women feminists. I understand the epitome of women emancipation within WESTERN world is nude, reckless women bodies but please don’t tell me that is emancipation, like me most Muslim feminists will no agree with you and side them selves from such negative stunts that insult religion and cultures and don’t promote diversity.

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