Even a 12 year old can see that Islam is not in favor of Women’s freedom


This Egyptian kid is amazing. Video is only 2:49 minutes. Listen to what he says about women in Egypt at 1:21 minutes. This 12 year old kid is my new hero.
Egyptian Boy: Politically speaking: Where is the Constitution that represents us? For example, Women are half of the society. How come there are only 7 ladies in the Constituent Assembly, 6 of whom are Islamists?

Interviewer: So you think they are going to manipulate the constitution?

Boy: What is built on Falsehood is false Itself. (1:39)

Interviewer: (1:52) Did you read the constitutional draft?

Boy: Yes.

Interviewer: Where, on the Internet?

Boy: Yes. For example, they say women are equal to men in all matters… “Except in matters that contradict Islamic Law.” But then, Islamic Law allows men to “discipline” their wives. This can’t work in society.

Interviewer: Why not, what’s the problem?

Boy: The problem is that it’s outrageous. I can’t beat my wife up and almost kill her, and then tell you this is “discipline.” This is not discipline. This is abuse and insanity.


PS:  Pay attention to the background.  All women are in burqas… if you see any woman at all.  I guess they’re all locked in their houses — waiting to be “disciplined.”

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