It starts with the Veil: An Introduction

hope-for-a-post-veil-society-(pep-montserrat)-780316Back in 2001 I took a women’s studies course in which we read several Islamic texts from the Koran.  What I took from the readings?  It was clear to me, that women living in Islamic countries lived in quite an oppressive culture where she was simply defined by her sex.  Not only was she worth less than a man, but for some reason she was responsible for his sexual urges.  That’s right, there are parts of the Koran which state that a woman is there for a devout Muslim to have sex with to purge his mind of sin so he can be clear minded and focused in time of prayer.   I firmly believe that sexual urges are part of human nature.  But according to Islam,  a Muslim woman is not only responsible for her own sexuality — she is also responsible for the sexual urges of a man.  This is why she must cover herself up, because (and I say this sarcastically) a man has no self control.  So let’s burkah the bitch and cover her up so a man is not aroused.

With the increased political correctness overcoming American society in general, I doubt this sort of discourse is acceptable anymore in classrooms.  The veil, or hijab, revival taking over the streets and classrooms of American cities and towns has begun.  What a shame.

Living in Los Angeles, California, I can look back and notice the change in women’s wear.  Take for example the Santa Monica Promenade, a popular place for shopping and dining at restaurants with friends, dates, and a tourist hot spot.  Five years ago, I never saw a woman wearing a hijab – now, they walk around in flocks — completely segregated from society.  I won’t even start with the Muslim thing.  I’ll start with the woman thing.  They are totally and completely removed from the rest of Western culture because they are women.

Total segregation.  This is apartheid on women.  And I can’t help but get  upset.   When I brought it up to a co-worker, she  said, “If they don’t force me to wear it, then it doesn’t bother me.”  Well.  It bothers me.  For what it represents.  For what it opens the doors to.  You hear of women being stoned to death in Islamic countries, right?  You hear of women imprisoned for being raped, right? For drinking alcohol? For having children out of wedlock?  We hear of  strict laws where women can not work beside men resulting in high unemployment rates for women.  How about the illegality of women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia?  The list goes on and on.  She is unequal to a man.  And this is what I am not okay with.  By accepting the hijab into our country and culture, we are accepting the mentality that women are unequal to men.  Where are the women who fought for equal rights in the 1920’s… the 1960’s?  Are we really going to accept this mentality in this great country?

I’m saying it’s time we address the real issue here about Islam.  IT STARTS WITH THE VEIL my friends.   I’m coming here to this forum to express my distaste for accepting a new form of oppression in America.  Who will join me?

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